Arrived in Chicago

Made it from Brooklyn in just
under 14 hours–not bad considering the snowy parts. Now to focus on the conference.

Tomorrow morning (panel 22-12, 10:25am), I’ll be presenting my “Is Anybody Listening” paper, which can be downloaded from the Working Papers section of my CV. If you’re around, come by–I don’t have any idea who else shows up this early other than the presenters, so I’m just hoping for the number of audience members to exceed the number of panelists.

On that front, I also have a panel on Saturday (23-15, 4:35pm) in which I’m presenting a brand new paper coauthored with Josh Tucker and Ted Brader. Especially looking forward to that one, both for our paper and the others on the panel as well.

Check in tomorrow for more updates. Goodnight, Chicago.

Cross-Postings with The Monkey Cage

The previous post (on the Research 2000 poll of Republicans) was cross-posted on The Monkey Cage after being seen by one of my professors, who writes for that blog and had been meaning to post something himself. It’s received a surprising amount of attention since then (Nate Silver agrees with me, for example), and so this week we decided to do a follow-up post. Rather than cross-posting it, I’ll just refer you to the original on their site. It addresses Research 2000′s response to criticisms of their methods, which wasn’t entirely satisfying (to put it mildly).

The next post on here will be about my own research, I promise.


As it says on the sidebar, this site will be used to showcase my research and others’, and to be a forum in which I can provide some real-time analysis of what’s going on in American politics based on my own areas of expertise. I’ll also be using it to introduce and develop some interesting (to me, at least, and hopefully to others as well) research projects I plan on starting in the next few months.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this site. If you find it useful, I invite you to share with others and subscribe to the RSS feed. And please feel free to email me if you have ideas, questions, or suggestions—constructive feedback is always appreciated.