Arrived in Chicago

Made it from Brooklyn in just
under 14 hours–not bad considering the snowy parts. Now to focus on the conference.

Tomorrow morning (panel 22-12, 10:25am), I’ll be presenting my “Is Anybody Listening” paper, which can be downloaded from the Working Papers section of my CV. If you’re around, come by–I don’t have any idea who else shows up this early other than the presenters, so I’m just hoping for the number of audience members to exceed the number of panelists.

On that front, I also have a panel on Saturday (23-15, 4:35pm) in which I’m presenting a brand new paper coauthored with Josh Tucker and Ted Brader. Especially looking forward to that one, both for our paper and the others on the panel as well.

Check in tomorrow for more updates. Goodnight, Chicago.

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